Who we are

Pastor Ayub M Sagar, is the Visionary Founder/ President & Director, of Christ’s Mandate Church Ministries-Pakistan(R). He found Ministries in 1999, by the calling of God. God Chose of him as his servant for serving him.
Pastor Ayub M Sagar, Born on 15th July 1976 in a Strong faith Christian Family in village.The Father of Pastor Ayub M Sagar, was a great man of God as Evangelist, Professor of Bible teaching, he served the Lord over 55 years, the grands parents were also to much strong in the Lord.

Pastor Ayub M Sagar, was 12th years old, when Got Water Baptize & Filled with Holy Spirit. Get education from City Narnag Mandi, then become a young man, in the 12th years, I was a Sunday school teacher, after 5th years, I started preaching the Gospel in Villages, Towns around my Villages, teaching children, preaching adult, from the beginning, I feeling much mercy for poor, orphanages, Widows, so when he become 18th Years old, he leave his villages and come to City Rawalpindi, then he get Sunday School Specialist Training, and learn Computer, English, and much more study for working of God. So 1999 I started proper Ministry working for Children and adult,HIs Ministry name is: Christ’s Mandate Church Ministries-Pakistan(R). He is working as full time Senior Pastor and Missionary working all over the Pakistan, ,I called a Evangelist, Pastor, Bible teacher.
C.Th, L.Th, CMA, B.Th, B.M, APOLOGETIC, Bible Education.
So your very much welcome for being apart with him. Blessings.

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