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Her personality and determination is what all of us want, but not Subaru. She is everything to him, yet he stays faithful to Emilia. A lot of fans also have this as a reason to hate him; rejecting the perfect girl for someone who doesn’t even feel the same way for him. What I’m sick and tired of lately, which will probably never be stopped, is reviewers or fans comparing shows to other shows. It’s a huge anime circlejerk that people are really adamant about. Video games are a very good example, but that’s for another time.

EP 50 The Lives Of The Village In The Sticks

A further ten minutes used digital paint due to the tight production schedule. The computer-animated parts are designed to blend in and support the traditional animation, and are mainly used in images consisting of a mixture of CGI and traditional drawing. When the young staff members drew the images, there was nothing made it seem like it was an offensive; it ended up being more like black squid-ink spaghetti… The gooeyness of Lord Okkoto in the latter half also took a lot of time. You know cutworms that come out at night from soil to eat up al the plants around them? My wife goes outside every night, flashlight in hand, to exterminate them.

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  • Ruou Mori is the mysterious rival for Junpei which should develop greatly the more the show progresses.
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And while that’s all interesting, its stylized animation, watercolorlike backgrounds, and slow pace put the show in a class of its own. Adapted from Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba’s manga of the same name,High-Rise Invasionis a deliriously deadly good time. Blood and gore galore await those who sit through its episodes, in which schoolgirl heroine Yuri Honjō finds herself on the run from mysterious masked killers across a labyrinthine world of skyscrapers. Her terrors are the audience’s as we watch her navigate and deduce her situation, dispatching her enemies and finding allies along the way. The anime weaves fantasy into the samurai’s story as he gradually befriends and defends a young girl with magical abilities.

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The next day, Takumi visits the gas station, and Itsuki reveals that his Eight-Five is being fitted with a Turbo. That night, Bunta test drives the Eight-Six and tells Takumi that the mechanics had done a good job with it. Bunta tells him that despite its power, there may be times when he will hit his limit and lose.

Tomoko Kuroki

Its transition from comedy, which is better than most pure comedy anime out there, to a darker tone whenever required was one of the highlights for me. Overall, Dr. Stone was a great source of entertainment, and definitely one of my favorite anime of the year. The fiery Kohaku is the first of the many characters of the “new generation” that Senkuu encounters in his quest. She’s a fiery girl who’s one of the best fighters in this prehistoric world and one whose story I particularly enjoyed. Then there’s Chrome, the yang to Senkuu’s yin; a science user who’s shunned as a sorcerer as people find his interests weird. I personally think that Asagiri Gen, one of the characters introduced a bit later in the first half of the season, is one of the best in the show.